Cormorans Island tour

Come explore the northern shore of our Acadian peninsula. These walls of sandy rocks carved by the waves and the bad weather of the "Bay des Chaleurs" creates natural caverns, as well as habitats favorable to the seabirds along the cliffs.

You will get the chance to smell the ocean breeze and also get a taste of the ocean has we will cook some clamps on the shore, fruit dish included, for the break en route.

Included in the tour:

-You will have the chance to pick some mussel in their natural habitat

-tasting some mussel prepared by your guide during the lunch break

-Fruit snack included

Duration approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

Departures are at Pokeshaw Beach on Route 11.



Price(tax included)

1. Adults
(19 years +)
2. Students (13-18) 
Students of 16 years & less must be accompanied by an adult
3. 1 adult + 1 child
(child=12 & under)



Family package for 4 ( 2 adults + 2 childrens)
30$ automatic reduction when two #3 packages is added to your basket
(The reduction will be shown at the end of the summary)

(30$ reduction) 

Four adults and plus package
5$ automatic reduction when 4 adults and more  is added to your cart. (The reduction will be shown at the end of the summary)

70.00$ (each adult)

(reduction of 5.00$ each adult)